There are times in every journey that hope is lost and direction becomes unclear. I have experienced this myself and witnessed it in others more times than I can count. When we hear a story about success, it almost always includes this moment as a potential turning point. What follows is either a massive change in direction or a huge increase in resolve to stay the course. If you look up inspirational quotes, you’ll find countless that address this moment and offer guidance about how to respond. “Don’t give up,” and “follow your heart,” are a couple of examples. While I don’t have a new idea on the matter, I do have a suggestion with a bit more direction or an order of operations. My suggestion is this: Be patient, listen, and stay engaged.

Be patient. This too will pass. As with everything and since the beginning of time, things will change. Don’t be so arrogant to think that you can take control of a situation and dictate the outcome. You might find that fighting for what you want is the answer, but do so as an act of passion and purpose and not with the expectation of a specific result.

Listen. There are infinite responses to any situation. It can feel overwhelming to consider them all and we are stubborn if we refuse to look at alternatives. Hear what you are being told. This could come as good advice from a friend or family member, an idea from something you read or watch on tv, or it could simply come from a different state of mind that you are able to accomplish by not giving up or forcing a specific outcome. Listen and the answer will reveal itself in time.

Stay engaged. This is the opposite of giving up. You might not yet know what the right choice is for the issue at hand, but don’t let that stop you from continuing to make progress in some direction. For me, it has often just been this that has revealed to me what to do next. Waiting around can lead to overthinking and further feelings of hopelessness. Keep doing stuff and you will find the answers you seek.

This will be the last entry of the “Find Your Path” series. I have been listening and am feeling drawn to write about other things that feel important right now. There are many more things to be said about finding the right path and I welcome any comments or questions that may come up on this matter. Just leave a message on the ManMade Mentors Facebook page and I’ll be sure to respond!