Finding the unique gift we are meant to bring to the world is the primary task of our lives. Like falling in love, those who have found this gift will say they “just knew.” This isn’t received as consolation to those who haven’t and it raises the questions “how,” or “where should I look?” Truly, the answers to these questions are different for each person. There is no right way to find your path and nobody can tell you where it is.  It is your job to discover what is right for you. And yes, when you find it, you’ll just know.

The good news is that we can help others find their path just by being a positive force in their lives.  As we progress through adolescence and early adulthood, we are repeatedly faced with obstacles, some of which are seemingly insurmountable. Because of this, we feel the desire to give up, bury our head in a hole and not come out.  This feeling is natural and important to engage with because it holds valuable information about what to (or not to) do next.  The people that care about us need to step in to let us know that this feeling, like all others, will pass. They also need to encourage us to do something productive. Really, whatever we choose is the RIGHT thing as long as it fuels our growth. Even if it’s wrong for us, we’ll find that out soon enough and change course.  The importance lies in our continued exploration.  

Everybody’s timeline is different.  There is no wrong way to find yourself and the more we tell ourselves that we’re doing it wrong, the more we obscure the path that is meant for us. Rather than trying to control or manipulate, allow it to come in its own time. If we do this, we must then surrender to whatever this may be.  What is meant for us is so much more than we could ever plan. We just have to be ready to let go of those expectations and self-identifications to move forward strongly in our destined direction.

This is the first entry of the “Find Your Path” series.  Stay tuned each week as I will dive deeper into my experience and perspective on this important topic.