Probably the most difficult part of finding your path is the uncertainty that comes along with not knowing what it is.  Like I said in last weeks blog, there is no right way to engage in this journey and the process is different, both in quality and length, for everyone. This can lead to long periods of time, even years, of not knowing and this uncertainty can lead to feeling hopeless and lost. For me, I can remember many years when I looked at examples of others my age and felt devastated that they had advanced far past me in the same amount of time. This comparison led to my seeking out shortcuts which all came and went with no more direction than I had before.

Looking back now, I recognize that the uncertainty was part of my path.  Because I kept questioning, searching for what I was meant for, I meandered my way, without knowing, to the trail I was meant to embark upon. The funny thing about looking back is that it all makes sense to me now.  I needed to have the exact experiences I had to find my way.  I couldn’t have foreseen or planned many of the events that occurred and yet it sometimes feels like, in some way, I knew that I needed to experience them.

It is this knowing, not from a place of careful planning or thoughtful deliberation but from a place of feeling deeply and trusting what presents itself, that guided me to where I am and helped me to know where I’m going. The only other thing I had to do was be open to the messages I was receiving. I believe this is true for all of us. At certain stages in our lives, we are not meant to know. I didn’t know when I graduated from college at 24 with a degree in business that I was meant to work with people to help them develop and grow.  Grasping for this knowledge and attempting to control our life’s outcomes only leads us farther away from where we’re meant to be. Allow your path to reveal itself to you in its own time by remaining open to all possibilities and making peace with your uncertainty. Do this and you will learn and grow during this time and be ready to embark on your journey when the time is right.